Still stranded!

If you haven’t been checking out the Voodoo Comics facebook page, you’ve been missing out on me making a fool of myself playing guitar and doing live reviews! The coupon code is still active (see previous post…) until I can get back on the road. When will that be? Hell if I know.

I’m taking this time to track down artists and publishers way off the beaten path. I’d like to start featuring more of that at conventions and online, but that depends on interest.

Record Store Day is a total cluster, the “exclusives” are being released in waves and its all chaos on what I might even receive. Keep tuned!

Well, Shit, I guess we’re staying home for the duration

Whelp, COVID19 is kicking everyone’s ass right now, so I’m gonna be offering *free shipping* for the duration with coupon code FuckCorona – until we can get back to normal, the code will be good.

I’ll be adding a lot of stuff that was originally going to debut at HorrorHound and Gem City Comic Con, although we’re still hoping this’ll end before Gem City…

Stay home, wash your hands, don’t panic. We love you all and will see ya on the road once this shitstorm passes.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Just in time, I’ve got *very* limited stock of the latest Waxwork releases from the Friday the 13th series – if you want ’em, grab ’em quick because F13, F13 Part III, and F13 Part VI are all SOLD OUT at the source! If you have already made arrangements with me, don’t worry, I’ve got your records set aside and I will be emailing you later today with an invoice.

And, SURPRISE! I have a couple copies of the Pumpkinhead OST in hand. I say surprise because I had completely forgotten I had ordered any… Extremely limited stock on these as well since only 300 were pressed.

Keep an eye out for the They Live OST which will be in hand (and the shop) next week. This looks to have some killer packaging and ought to go fast.

Also in hand next week will be Hellraiser II and III WITH THE SLIPCASE. Supposedly, the slip will also fit the original Hellraiser LP as well, but I remember the Halloween slip being a smidge tight, so we shall see!

COMIC FANS: I have not forgotten you! This evening I’ll have the Luchaverse comics from Chido all in the shop. Featuring some of your favorite Luchadores fighting against ancient, supernatural evil! The art is fantastic and the storylines interweave in a cool way – check in this evening for a sample!

Still reading? cool. Making an offer that will assuage my embarrassment on inventory: if you order something and it is out of stock AND I cannot get another copy, besides the immediate refund, I will send you a coupon code good for $10 off any purchase in the shop. That’ll inspire me to be more careful, right?

If you’ve dragged your way this far, congrats. Use the coupon code BoringPost for free media rate shipping through December 31.

Thank you!

Believe it or not, I registered this domain almost exactly SIXTEEN years ago! I’ve made a lot of friends along the way and its allowing me to do fun things – I’m taking my son to Galloping Ghost this weekend partially from record and comic sales andi and I genuinely appreciate the privilege.

Here’s to many more years of records, comics, and inappropriate jokes!

Big Batch O Records Added!

We’ve got a FULL set of Stag-O-Lee’s Gunsmoke AND Satan’s Jukebox releases in! All of these are highly recommended to fans of the Hillbillies in Hell series and are all limited to 666 copies each. It’s tough to get any of these in, so grab ’em before they are gone! Check the Stag-O-Lee Catalog here!

Don’t miss the crazy Psych Funk 101 or Cosmic Discotheque releases – both are full of the fun weirdness you crave in a plastic world!

The Monster is ready!!

I’ve been teasing it for a while, but I’ve finally put the Monster trade paperback up for pre-order in the store! If the art looks familiar, that’s a fresh cover on a classic series from Rick Lara. If you think it looks good online, wait’ll you see it in person…

It will ship in June, and YOU (yes you) can get free shipping with code: MONSTER

Are you in Cleveland? ‘Cause I’ll have copies of it at Retro Invasion, May 31- June 2 if you can’t wait for shipping!

Coming SOON!

I’ve got a pile of new records coming in within the week that’ll end up in the shop shortly – For a full heads up, sign up for the newsletter to know when everything is in and pricing. Some of these are EXTREMELY limited, so if something strikes your fancy, let me know ASAP and I’ll put it aside for you.

Side note: I *do* have the limited and SOLD OUT Night of the Living Dead TPB from FantaCo in hand, all are signed by one member of the NOTLD cast. I have not put them online yet, because I am waiting for all of the Kickstarter backers to get their copies first, out of courtesy and respect. You *will* be able to pick your signature when they go live, or is that undead?

Various Artists – Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions, 1901-2017
Greg Edmonson – Hard Rock Zombies – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  
Herschell Gordon Lewis – Gruesome Twosome (Color LP)
The Space Lady – Greatest Hits
Richard Band – Puppet Master I and II slipcase Bundle
Richard Band – Puppet Master I
Richard Band – Puppet Master II
MZ.412 – Svartmyrkr
CLOUDS – Heavy The Eclipse
VA / Astral Daze: Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-1972
WARSAW – An Ideal For Living – The Demos (pre-pre-Joy Division)
VA / Music Of Indonesia
MAD TIMOTHY – A Very Snug Joiner
DEREN, MAYA – Divine Horsemen: Voodoo Gods of Haiti
VA / Gunsmoke Volume 1: Dark Tales Of Western Noir From A Ghost Town Jukebox / 10″
VA / Gunsmoke Volume 2: Dark Tales Of Western Noir From A Ghost Town Jukebox / 10″
VA / Trashcan Records, Volume 1: Wild Safari / 10″
VA / Trashcan Records, Volume 2: Midnight / 10″
Black Mountain Transmitter – Black Goat of the Woods
Night of the Living Dead OST
My Blood Valentine OST (Restock!)
The Prowler OST