Check it out!

I’m in the process of getting all of the currently in print titles from Sentient Ruin Laboratories! That’s the home of some of the newest extreme metal out there, in whatever flavor you prefer: doom, death, noise, crust, etc. Once they are in hand, they will be in the shop!


Record Update (5/16/2018)!

A couple of fun ones added in today (I said I was going to work through backstock!). A couple, like the Live OM record, are completely out of print and gone from distribution and sales channels. Give the Hell album a listen -> the record is crushing and sold out at the label level! I’m hoping to start stocking more from Sentient Ruin Records shortly.

I don’t carry every soundtrack, nor do I stock every record from the labels I carry. There’s just too much out there for the non-Amazon guys to try and grab. This shop is curated to my taste and the weirdos I call friends, so you’ll see a preponderance of horror soundtracks, doom metal, acid rock, and damned hillbillies!


More records in the store!

A whole lotta Fulci goin’ on! The Beyond, Lucio Fulci’s Horror & Thrillers, Frizzi 2 Fulci, and A Cat in the Brain are now in the store. Add to that Waxwork’s releases of Creepshow and Creepshow 2 (multiple variants) and The Return of the Swamp Thing from Terror Vision and its a par-tay all up in here.