Happy Friday the 13th!

Just in time, I’ve got *very* limited stock of the latest Waxwork releases from the Friday the 13th series – if you want ’em, grab ’em quick because F13, F13 Part III, and F13 Part VI are all SOLD OUT at the source! If you have already made arrangements with me, don’t worry, I’ve got your records set aside and I will be emailing you later today with an invoice.

And, SURPRISE! I have a couple copies of the Pumpkinhead OST in hand. I say surprise because I had completely forgotten I had ordered any… Extremely limited stock on these as well since only 300 were pressed.

Keep an eye out for the They Live OST which will be in hand (and the shop) next week. This looks to have some killer packaging and ought to go fast.

Also in hand next week will be Hellraiser II and III WITH THE SLIPCASE. Supposedly, the slip will also fit the original Hellraiser LP as well, but I remember the Halloween slip being a smidge tight, so we shall see!

COMIC FANS: I have not forgotten you! This evening I’ll have the Luchaverse comics from Chido all in the shop. Featuring some of your favorite Luchadores fighting against ancient, supernatural evil! The art is fantastic and the storylines interweave in a cool way – check in this evening for a sample!

Still reading? cool. Making an offer that will assuage my embarrassment on inventory: if you order something and it is out of stock AND I cannot get another copy, besides the immediate refund, I will send you a coupon code good for $10 off any purchase in the shop. That’ll inspire me to be more careful, right?

If you’ve dragged your way this far, congrats. Use the coupon code BoringPost for free media rate shipping through December 31.

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