Not Dead, just dreaming

Ooof, two conventions on back to back weekends plus starting a new job really beat me down the last month and a half – I just haven’t had the time to put new items online. I am hoping to do a BIG stock update by Monday with some really cool LPs that have come in.

For those wanting to see the full glory of Voodoo Comics in person, be sure to come to Astronomicon in Detroit (Feb) and HorrorHound Weekend in Cinci (March) where I’ll be in full effect. I’m not sure how many shows I’ll be able to get in this year with the new job, but I won’t be silent about it. Stay tuned!

NIN Halloween replacements!

I will be emailing everyone to confirm info so you can get a *free* replacement from Sacred Bones for the error pressing of the Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross Halloween remix. This is supposed to be sent directly to you from the label. It’ll save you a level of bullshit if I fill in the forms! 

Stay tuned!

Hey Kids!

There will be a new newsletter going out on Monday, October 22, 2018, with info on the pre-orders that will hit Next Friday and Monday (of course, I’ll repost here as well, but the newsletter gets a head up!). Another benefit to the newsletter is that you are automatically entered for any giveaways I do – October’s is for the Putrid Matt Pike cover of Insane Tales From the Dead #4, limited to 50 copies!

Please note that even though the orange vinyl variant of the Trent Reznor Halloween remix is gone with the wind, there are a handful of black vinyl still unspoken for. I also got a surprise restock of a record that sold out before I could even put them in the shop last time (see the Monday newsletter…)

New releases and (ugh) Pre-orders

Against my gut instinct, I’m starting to offer pre-orders in the shop! You won’t be charged until the stuff is ready to ship and I’ve got estimated shipping dates included.

ALSO! I will be getting a large selection of DOOM from Cursed Tongue Record soonish.

Night of the Living Dead (1990) Soundtrack

I’m doing my usual caveat that I am NOT doing pre-orders on this record! I *will* have several copies coming in, along with Halloween II and III, Mandy, Halloween (2018) etc…

I may lose sales, but I do not like taking money from anyone without having the comic or record in hand to ship to you. Add to that there are no less than SEVEN variants of NOTLD (1990) with a version of the 1968 soundtrack still to com this year AND Halloween (2018) has AT LEAST 14 variants worldwide. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and say WTF?! I saw this in the variant comic book covers of the early 1990’s – too many things competing for your time any money.

Its exhausting and about to jump the shark…

BEWARE! Coming soon…

I’ll be getting a handfull of copies of Maya Deren’s Divine Horsemen: Voodoo Gods of Haiti LP soon. It is actual field Recordings of Haitian Voodoo ceremonies! As usual, this type of thing is a limited release and WILL disappear FAST. I’ll also be getting what I can on the Aleister Crowely LP – keep your eyes peeled, since I am only being allocated TWO more copies of the TWENTY I wanted…


They’re coming to GET YOU, Barbara!

Fresh in the store: Night of the Living Dead trade paperbacks! Get ’em while they last…

Cool Comics Collections Coming

How ’bout that alliteration, eh?

Aaaaaaanyway, I’ve just put in orders for the cool books below, including the Fukitor collection, the complete Slasher by Charles Forseman, and a COMPLETE COLLECTION OF JIM OSBOURNE!!!!! Yes, I’m shouting – if you’ve seen Kid Kill or D.O.A. Comics, you know what a killer book this will be!

Add to that, a re-order of The End of the Fucking World, Issue #2 of Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows, and Vile #’s 1 and 2, I’m taking your lunch money when they come in!

New FRIGHT NIGHT comic from Tom Holland!!!

I’m really excited about this one – Tom Holland is continuing the Fright Night story in comics, starting immediately after the original movie and following Peter Vincent! I’ve already put it in the shop for ordering, but please note that I will not have these in hand until the second week of August at the earliest.

I believe it is a print run of 500 for the Zero issue, which will lead into the forthcoming series.

The store link is here!