New releases and (ugh) Pre-orders

Against my gut instinct, I’m starting to offer pre-orders in the shop! You won’t be charged until the stuff is ready to ship and I’ve got estimated shipping dates included.

ALSO! I will be getting a large selection of DOOM from Cursed Tongue Record soonish.

Night of the Living Dead (1990) Soundtrack

I’m doing my usual caveat that I am NOT doing pre-orders on this record! I *will* have several copies coming in, along with Halloween II and III, Mandy, Halloween (2018) etc…

I may lose sales, but I do not like taking money from anyone without having the comic or record in hand to ship to you. Add to that there are no less than SEVEN variants of NOTLD (1990) with a version of the 1968 soundtrack still to com this year AND Halloween (2018) has AT LEAST 14 variants worldwide. Sometimes, we all need to take a step back and say WTF?! I saw this in the variant comic book covers of the early 1990’s – too many things competing for your time any money.

Its exhausting and about to jump the shark…

BEWARE! Coming soon…

I’ll be getting a handfull of copies of Maya Deren’s Divine Horsemen: Voodoo Gods of Haiti LP soon. It is actual field Recordings of Haitian Voodoo ceremonies! As usual, this type of thing is a limited release and WILL disappear FAST. I’ll also be getting what I can on the Aleister Crowely LP – keep your eyes peeled, since I am only being allocated TWO more copies of the TWENTY I wanted…


Ripple Music now in stock!

I’m proud to announce that Voodoo Comics is now stocking Ripple Music! Ripple has been bringing the heavy for years, whether it’s legendary bands like Leaf Hound and Bang, or fresh blood like Mothership and Devil to Pay. Call it what you will, classic heavy rock, stoner, doom – it just rocks on Ripple! Take a close look – many of the releases I acquired were pressed in runs of 100, grab ’em now, or cry later.

See our current selection here.



Record Update (5/16/2018)!

A couple of fun ones added in today (I said I was going to work through backstock!). A couple, like the Live OM record, are completely out of print and gone from distribution and sales channels. Give the Hell album a listen -> the record is crushing and sold out at the label level! I’m hoping to start stocking more from Sentient Ruin Records shortly.

I don’t carry every soundtrack, nor do I stock every record from the labels I carry. There’s just too much out there for the non-Amazon guys to try and grab. This shop is curated to my taste and the weirdos I call friends, so you’ll see a preponderance of horror soundtracks, doom metal, acid rock, and damned hillbillies!