ABSTRACTER / Dark Circles split


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The 2016 split 12″LP finally available through Sentient Ruin. Comes with a download card to the full release inside.

Wretched, bleak, hopeless and incredibly dark. Canadian dark hardcore crust bruisers Dark Circles and American black sludge destroyers Abstracter bring forth waves upon waves of utter misery and horror on this crushing 12″ split. Dark Circles’ stark, rabid and virulently embittered dark hardcore is a firestorm of crust punk, grindcore and black metal that marvelously brings together the best and most confrontational elements of bands like Catharsis, Gehenna, Cursed, The Secret, etc. On the other hand Abstracter’s bleak and hallucinatary side fuses doom, crust, drone and black metal to incarnate a staggering twenty minutes of total and horrific devastation, yielding a similar sonic hell as seen in dark and miserable slower bands like Triptykon, Primitive Man, Coffinworm, Indian, etc.

Originally released in 2016 by Halo of Flies (US), L’Oeil Du Tigre (CA), Moment of Collapse (EU), Sick Man Getting Sick (EU), and Shove (EU).

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