CULT OF EXTINCTION: Black Nuclear Magick Attack


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Diehard 7″ &: limited dark clear purple vinyl with black haze housed in a foldover sleeve printed with offset silver metallic ink on heavy black cardstock.

Nuclear-born and flesh-tearing war metal decimation from Germany. Cult of Extinction’s debut demo tape/7″ is a bludgeoning sonic weapon that has taken the mindless and lawless black/death/grind savagery of Blasphemy, Revenge, Nuclearhammer, Temple Nightside, and Necroholocaust and dragged into a hellish trudge of crushing downtuned hostility. Throughout these absurd and castigating thirteen minutes of lawless sonic terror, the listener will be fighting for their life to try and dodge the senseless barrage of chaos and destruction summoned by Cult of Extinction to completely annihilate and eradicate their existence.

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