Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath Vol. 2 TPB


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The hedonistic late 1970s is the perfect backdrop for the next evolution in the classic Night of the Living Dead series!  DAVID HINE continues a horrifyingly original take on the zombie menace as the virus spreads through Las Vegas leaving it a city of the dead.  As a group of unlikely survivors flee east, they encounter something more sinister even than the reanimated corpses that seem intent on finding and dining upon the ragtag refugees.  For locked away in a secure military facility they discover that true horror is bred by the living much more efficiently than the dead.   But hidden within the misery is the unthinkable – an anomaly that could lead to a zombie vaccine.  This collection includes issues #7 – 12 of the Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath series.

Cover: Jacen Burrows

Writer: David Hine

Art: Tomas Aira

MR, Full Color, 160 pages, TPB

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