Wolfcop (MondoCon 2014 Exclusive!)


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One Way Static Records proudly presents ‘WOLFCOP’ (Original 2014 Motion Picture Soundtrack by SHOOTING GUNS) for the first time on vinyl!

‘Wolfcop’ is an hilarious modern classic about a cop turned werewolf. Equally remarkable is the killer soundtrack provided by Shooting Guns. A unique blend of heavy carpenter electronics mixed with Black Sabbath-esque riffs and even a hint of country.

You get an album filled with new music which blends Doom, Stoner, Psych and Ambient based noises with an 80s synth heavy soundtrack that gives you the perfect feel what the film is all about. Shooting Guns have excelled themselves here as they make you feel apart of the action.

This album sees Shooting Guns releasing their most creative and most insane album yet. Not many Doom/Stoner Metal bands get the chance to do a movie soundtrack but Shooting Guns pull this off superbly. They have managed to capture the true essence of a thrilling and creepy soundtrack that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you grew up in the 1980s then this album will bring back a lot of fond memories as the album includes a ton of great synth based noises from late night TV shows and too many B movies you watched as a kid. The Wolfcop OST is an absolute blast from start to finish and this will rank as one of 2014’s weirdest and freshest instrumental rock/metal albums.

In 2015 the Wolfcop soundtrack won a well deserved ‘Canadian Music Award’.

Shooting Guns provide the perfect soundtrack for the morning after the apocalypse, when you are sitting in the rubble of your home in a bathrobe and think, ‘What should I do now?’ and end up zoning out for hours in a psychedelic trance instead of making a survival plan. Bad move on your part, because you are probably going to die.

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